About ME

“…as a Boardgame Player he really knows what he’s talking about”

Fulvio Pisani


Director, Creative Director and Freelance Author, he carries out professional activities at his studio in Milan, working directly with companies and professionals for the realization of Audiovisual and Multimedia products, Format Video for Web and TV as Creative Director and in Production and Post-Production process.
He began his experience in the audiovisual field in 1986 working in 8mm film.
He followed a mixed training with Bruno Bozzetto and Osvaldo Cavandoli on the technique of animation in stop-motion, while he attended commercials and music videos as assistant director. Over the years he began to use different shooting and editing techniques until the most modern digital technologies that he uses today. In the ’90s he works in Mediaset as Musical Consultant following transmissions like Striscia la notizia, La Stangata, Generazione X with Ambra Angiolini, Sanremo and Re per una notte with Gigi Sabani.
In Mediaset he was also involved in audio editing, video sound and directing assistance. He has produced and made independent short films as Director, Screenwriter and Editor.
Eucalyptus (, Short film directed in 2006, was selected at the International Festival of Montecatini “FilmVideo 2006” and at the Fedic SardiniaFilmFestival.
He has collaborated in the Post-Production of Documentaries for Discovery Channel; he has made institutional videos for big companies such as INTEL® and Apple®, shot commercials for Rizzoli and Edizioni Master as Director. He has published for IDG Edizioni the book “Essere Videomaker” which deals with the issues of technical/creative path in the field of video production, while he has carried out training activities on the realization of videos for the Espero of Milan as well as privately. He has realized Music Videoclips, Commercials and Videos in general for the company INTERLUDIO S.r.l as Author, Creative Director and Director while he follows, as Audio Engineer and Arranger, all music productions. He carries out consulting activities for the creation of original Video Formats for the Web.
He collaborated with the journalist Luigi Mascheroni for the creation of the format of “Videorecensioni di Libri”, with which he created a thematic Youtube channel, dedicated to the culture of books. He realizes as Director and Post-Production Director promotional videos for MediaWorld® (Mediamarket), while he regularly collaborates with different companies as artistic director, director and author.
He has a continuous collaboration with the company Orange Group of Milan for the creation of author content and the offer of services for communication and webmarketing.
On his Youtube channel Storyboardgame promotes and tells about board games using an original and innovative narrative format.



The Board game Experience


Board games bring with them a story.
A story born in their authors minds and forged by their publishers.
Storyboardgame tells people that story
through the best and most effective experience ever: emotions.

Storyboardgame is a project by Fulvio Pisani
P.IVA IT13236050152